What we do

We distribute revenue income through grants to organisations, winter fuel payments to pensioners on benefits and small grants to those in extreme need. We also provide an education support programme and offer charitable housing at a number of properties to people living or working in Richmond. All the waiting lists are closed at the moment.  Please note that we only have a few properties and new tenancies are rare.

Income is generated though the endowment fund investments managed by Sarasin & Partners, with rental income from letting office suites at Vestry House, Workshops at Dickson House and 83 residential units. Hiring out the Vestry Hall also generates funds.

If you need our support or are a local charity, please visit our grant or education support sections. Or else please call the RPLC team on 020 8948 5701 or use the relevant link on our contact page.

Where We Help

Out Benefit Area covers Richmond, Ham, Sheen, Mortlake and Barnes  (the TW9, TW10, SW14 and SW13 postcode areas).

Latest news

£208,000 of grants awarded
at RPLC's latest Grants Meeting, helping to support 20 local charities and organisations

New grant stream -
Open Category Grants

are general  grants accessible to organisations supporting or providing services to residents within the RPLC benefit area.
Start-ups, social enterprises and CICs/CIOs with a charitable purpose, charities, sports and community groups and legally constituted organisations with a charitable purpose are invited to apply.
The new grant stream replaces the previous One-Off Project Grant and Strategic Grant headings. This is a general grant and there is no restriction on what organisations can apply for under the Open Category Grant stream.

Do get in touch if you'd like to discuss an idea or a grant application.

£1.4m grant-making in year to 30 June 2016
Trustees are pleased to report that funding of local voluntary organisation and charities together with support for individuals through crisis, winter fuel payments and education support amounted to over £1.48m. 

Research into Unmet Need
Rocket Science have been appointed to carry out a research project into Unmet Need in Richmond jointly funded by Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity and the RPLC.