RPLC Grant Making

River Thames Boat Project

Our policy is to provide funding to charities with a proven track record of serving local community needs. 

Trustees on the Grants Committee consider each application at quarterly meetings. They take factors such as local needs, value for money, evidence of effectiveness, perceived impact, and sustainability into account. 

Not sure which grant to apply for? Links to relevant forms are given below. Otherwise please get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Enquire about a grant

Grants Meetings 2017/2018
November 28  

March 12
May 21

September 11
November 27

Grants for over £500

If your organisation has received a grant then you will need to complete a Monitoring and Evaluation Form 12 months after you received the grant.

Three new grant categories available for 2016-2017:
1. Grants Plus
2. Start ups and small sized organisations
3. General Grants
Please contact us for more information

Applying for less than £500?

If you represent a voluntary organisation or a charity, please download the Less than £500 Grant application form

If your organisation has received a grant then you will need to complete a Monitoring and Evaluation Form 12 months after you received the grant.

Small Grants

Small Grants offer a fast response to crisis situations where people cannot access statutory funding. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications directly from individuals

These grants are made to individuals in extreme need following a referral from a local agency such as Richmond Borough support teams, Citizens Advice Bureau, Social Services, Age UK Richmond and the Community Mental Health Teams. Each summer we invite referral team representatives to meet with us to explain what is available for their clients and how to access grants speedily.

Last year, we helped just under 300 households through buying white goods, furniture or household items, or paying utility bills or child-related expenditure. This year, requests for basic items such as food and clothing have become more frequent. We aim to respond to requests within 24-48 hours, depending on the quality of information received.

If you are a representative of an approved referral agencies, please download the Small Grant Application Form (Word form) or the Online Form. NB: For Applications to be processed, you are required to complete the Data Consent Form.

Regularly Funded Organisations

Handyperson Scheme (Age UK Richmond)

We strongly recognise the importance of the work provided by charities in our community and how difficult it is to get funding in support of administration costs. The RPLC currently provides regular funding to 39 local charities, with over £400k p.a. for core operational activities.  Grants range from £1,000 for a local sheltered housing unit to £41,300 for Richmond Citizen Advice Bureau.

To renew your application, please download the 'RFO Renewal Form'. (Questions from the monitoring and evaluation form are included and so no additional documentation is required). If you wish your organisation to be considered for regular funding please contact the RPLC Office.