RPLC Grant Making

Embracing Age - Helping care home residents connect with loved ones
Embracing Age - Helping care home residents connect with loved ones during lockdown

We welcome applications from registered charities, start-ups with a charitable purpose, CIOs, sports associations and other properly constituted not-for-profit organisations.

Trustees on the Grants Committee consider each application at quarterly meetings. They take factors such as local needs, value for money, evidence of effectiveness, perceived impact, and sustainability into account.

RPLC wishes to be able to respond to changing ideas, initiatives and learning, and emerging and unmet need. As such, RPLC aims to listen to and work in partnership with grantees, prospective grantees and other stakeholders in an open and transparent manner in order to improve grant making policies and processes. 

If you wish to discuss an idea for an application or grant, please contact our office team, who will be happy to advise you:
grants@rplc.org.uk or telephone 020 8948 5701.

Please note before enquiring about a grant. RPLC grants are restricted to organisations and invididuals living or working within our benefit area (TW9, TW10, SW13 and SW14). Please also note that funding is not available to private companies.

Links to relevant application forms are given below.

Enquire about a grant

Grants Meetings

Meeting Date Deadline
1 September 2022 15 July 2022
1 December 2022 14 October 2022
1 March 2023 15 February 2023
6 June 2023 23 May 2023

Available grants - Online applications

1.  Project grants under £15,000
2. Project grants over £15,000
3. Individual Education Grants

All of the above grants require you to complete a Monitoring and Evaluation Form on completion of work or at 12 months after you received the grant.
If you have received a Covid-19 Emergency grant, please complete a Covid Monitoring Form

Example Forms

Please see examples of our application forms:
Project Grants under £15,000 - Example
Project Grants over £15,000 - Example
Individual Education Grants - Example
We recommend answering your questions in an offline document before copying into the relevant online form.

Please note, for online grants applications, you can save your progress and return to the application form at a later time. A link will then be emailed to you to continue completing your form.
You will then be asked to re-enter your email address and the password previously saved.

If you have any difficulties completing the application form, please email grants@rplc.org.uk.

Crisis Grants

Crisis Grants offer a fast response to help with urgent living expenses. Please note, crisis grants are only available to residents of  TW9, TW10, SW13 and SW14.​

Crisis grants for applicants are £300 p.a for an adult-only household;
Up to £500 p.a for households with one dependent.
Up to £600 p.a for households with two or more dependents. 

Only one payment can be made per household in any 12 month period. 

We cannot accept applications directly from individuals. We have distribution partners who deliver crisis grants on our behalf. Please contact one of these below in the first instance:

Citizens Advice Richmond - by freephone 080 8278 7873. Lines are open 10am-5pm Monday to Friday.
Richmond AID - (For people with long term health conditions, disabilities, and carers) via email to advice@richmondaid.org.uk or call 020 8831 6070
AgeUK Richmond - 020 8878 3625 or via email to info@ageukrichmond.org.uk
Achieving for Children - Please use the contact form on their website: https://www.achievingforchildren.org.uk/contact-us-2/ 

Other referral partners (who will need to complete an online application form) include, schools in RPLC's catchment area, Crosslight Advice, Vineyard Community, Look Ahead, Community Mental Health teams, Richmond support teams and social services.
If you are a representative of an approved referral partner, please use the Crisis Grants application form.

Last year, we helped over 300 households through buying white goods, furniture or household items, or paying utility bills or child-related expenditure. We aim to respond to requests within 10 working days.

Core Funding

Handyperson Scheme (Age UK Richmond)

We strongly recognise the importance of the work provided by charities in our community and how difficult it is to get funding in support of administration costs. The RPLC currently provides regular funding to 38 local charities, with over £400k p.a. for core operational activities.  Grants range from £4,000 for a local sheltered housing unit to £41,300 for Richmond Citizen Advice Bureau. RFO funding is ongoing and awarded on an annual basis subject to satisfactory monitoring and evaluation.

RPLC is moving to an online Grant Management System and at the same time is updating the processing of Core Funding to RFOs.   While this is being implemented over the Summer 2021, the office team will be emailing organisations scheduled for RFO grants at the September meetings to explain the next steps.  Until this has happened there is no requirement for RFOs to complete a monitoring form. 

Organisations that have worked with RPLC through previous grantmaking awards and which demonstrate measurable and successful outcomes will be considered for RFO status, subject to available budget. If you wish your organisation to be considered for regular funding please contact the RPLC Office.


oneRichmond has been established by RPLC and The Hampton fund - two local grant making charities with a long history and grassroots knowledge of the community. The initiative is in response to independent research on the needs of the Borough, commissioned by the charities and carried out by Rocket Science.

The report, entitled 'On The Edgefound that the perception of Richmond as a wealthy Borough masks high levels of deprivation.

oneRichmond will work with other community stakeholders to:

  • Unlock additional significant resources to tackle hardship across the Borough.
  • Improve opportunities for local people and change lives.
  • Create a Borough in which everyone can thrive.

Resources might be expertise, time, use of facilities and funds.

oneRichmond believes that everyone- those who live, work or learn in the Borough  can help make a difference across Richmond. oneRichmond is a call to people and organisations to be active in supporting people locally and the organisations helping them by volunteering, providing practical and financial support, mentoring and collaborating.

To learn more, visit: The oneRichmond Website