The Charity

The RPLC was endowed by a gift of land from King George III and Queen Charlotte in 1786 and reconstituted in its present form in 1968.

The RPLC's governing document is the 1991 Charity Scheme as amended in 2008 and 2013. The Charity operates within a closely defined Benefit Area comprised of the TW9, TW10, SW13 and SW14 postcode districts.

The main purposes of the RPLC are outlined as being to further all, or any, of the following in the Benefit Area:

        •   the support of the elderly and those in need
        •   the care of people suffering ill health or hardship
        •   the provision of recreational facilities and support for leisure activities
        •   the promotion of education and helping people to undertake courses and training
        •   any other charitable purposes for the benefit of the local community


The RPLC Trustees

Three of our Trustees are nominated, two by the Local Council and one by the Richmond Society. The remaining trustees are appointed directly by the RPLC following recruitment through advertisements and interviews. The Mayor of the Borough is an ex-officio member of the Trustee Board.

Ashley Casson - Acting Chair
Bill Charles
Gill Moffett
Ian Durant: Finance Committee Chair
Jerome Misso
Joanna Nakielny
Owen Carew-Jones - Education Committee Chair
Paul Cole
Paul Lawrence
Paul Velluet (Richmond Society Nomination)
Peter Buckwell, Cllr.  (LBRuT Nomination)
Rachel Holmes
Roger Clark - Grants Committee Chair
Rosie Dalzell
Tim Sketchley
The Mayor of Richmond upon Thames (Ex officio)

Trustees elect:
Carol Fletcher
Chris Phillips
Katie Hodgson
Valerie Hopkins

The Office Team

Jonathan Monckton - Director
Amy Vogel - Education Manager
Carolina Borisavljevic- Executive Assistant
Clare Stanton- Office Manager
Sharon La Ronde - Grants Director 
Karen Cadman - Accountant

Barnes Relief in Need

The administration of the Barnes Relief in Need Charity (BRINC) has been undertaken by the RPLC since April 2005. BRINC has been in existence since 1976 with its primary objective to assist people in need who reside in SW14.  The RPLC shares the same area of benefit. Together the charities work in partnership to help people in an acknowledged area of relative deprivation in the Borough. Both will continue to offer grants to individuals and organisations for the benefit of residents of SW14.  

In June 2015 it was agreed that the Barnes Charities should be linked to the RPLC which will lead to the merging of adminstration and accounts.  An application for approval of the formal linking will be submitted to the Charity Commission in July 2015.

BRINC and the RPLC use the same application forms.  Forms are held by referral agencies such as health agencies or local charities including the Citizens Advice Bureau.  Applications from individuals are not accepted.

History of the Charity





Extension of the benefit area to include Barnes (SW13)

RPLC is linked to Barnes Relief in Need Charity & The Bailey & Bates Trust
3 members of RPLC's staff retire:
   Barbara Gilgallon as Deputy Director after 24 years,
   Frank Galea as Accountant after 23 years
   and Helen Aloof as Secretary after 17 years

Dorothy Caygill retires after 25 years as Administrator at the RPLC

2011 First £1m+ budget for grant giving
2008 Benefit Area now postcode areas: TW9, TW10 and SW14
2001 Extension of benefit area to include Mortlake
1999 Extension of benefit area to include Ham and Petersham
1990 Extension of benefit area to include Kew and North Sheen
1989 Construction of Grove Road complex on Queens Road Estate, comprising Dickson House Craft Workshops, the Cambrian Community Centre and Caplan Court one-bed flats
1975 Sale and lease of greater part of land and investment of proceeds in Stock Market. Construction of 361 dwellings on land by London & Quadrant Housing Association
1968 Administration of Richmond Parish Lands transferred from Borough Council. Richmond Parish Lands Charity reconstituted as independent Charity with Benefit Area the old Civil Parish of Richmond and general charitable objectives
1928 Borough Council succeeds The Vestry as Trustees
1845 Houses constructed on the land on 99 year leases and income used for the relief of poor rate
1786 Gift by George III of common land next to Richmond Park to The Vestry of Richmond Parish and construction of  Workhouse thereon. Surplus land to be used for benefit of the poor - so creating "Parish Lands Charity" Trust