RPLC Property

The Vestry House

Our residential, commercial and investment properties generate additional revenue income, and also provide accommodation or office space for those who couldn’t otherwise afford to live or work here.

As a charity, the RPLC is required to ensure that our housing is made available to those in need. We maintain 73 units for affordable rented housing. We can also nominate tenants for a further 35% of 359 properties maintained by London and Quadrant Housing Association on the Queen's Road Estate.

Who can apply?
All applicants are required to declare their assets and income so that our Trustees can determine suitability for an assured shorthold tenancy. You must either live in the Benefit Area at the time of the application or have a strong connection to it, or work within the LBRuT. 

Charitable Housing

RPLC Residential Property

Residential housing forms a large part of RPLC property assets.  RPLC has 73 residential units that are offered to those in need at charitable and affordable rent levels. These rent subsidies form a significant element of RPLC's charitable activity and in the last year amounted to over £550,000 in total. 

As a private landlord, the RPLC has its own eligibility criteria for joining charitable housing waiting lists, which can also be used for agreeing priority status.  People applying must live in the Borough, must not own a property, and should have little chance, at the time of applying, of moving into the private rented sector.

Waiting Lists

The Waiting Lists are closed.    To be put on the list you will need to live within our Benefit Area (TW9, TW10, SW13, SW14) or have close connections in Richmond. There is very little chance of vacancies arising in the near future.

We aim to provide accommodation to those living under the threat of homelessness, to housing families whose accommodation is inappropriate and to give low paid keyworkers and people working in local public services in the LBRuT access to charitable housing.

The Cambrian Centre

Cambrian Centre & Caplan Court

The Cambrian Community Centre is located on the ground floor of Caplan Court at the junction of Queens Road and Cambrian Road.

The Centre aims to:

  • provide facilities for people in the LBRuT, particularly those on the Queens Road Estate.
  • offer a focus for community activity and a venue for local groups and services.
  • share facilities for education, recreation, leisure and constructive activity.
  • promote healthy living and respond to local needs.

Cambrian Centre Open Day



Vestry House

Situated on Paradise Road, Richmond, is Vestry Hall and four office suites.  RPLC's offices are at the rear of the building, with an entrance off the Vineyard Passage, while other offices are occupied by Barreworks, Frank Agency and Hays Recruitment.

Dickson House

Dickson House Studio

This investment property is run on a commercial basis, with space let to small businesses to generate income over and above expenses to use for charitable purposes.  The original concept was for start-up commercial artists though leaseholders have tended to stay and grow into businesses.  The large full height atrium means the building is not an effective use of space. Trustees believe that it would make sense financially, and tie in with our ethos, to redevelop the building as charitable housing.  Some of the studios are now being used by charities - the Vineyard Community Centre, for example.